Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Photos!

Hello again my faithful readers, this just to give links to a few Facebook photo albums of what I've been doing lately.

First, the Foire St-Romain, which is perhaps the best thing ever:
 Oh carnivals, how I love you

Second, photos taken during a walk/goof-off session with Logan and Kinzie:
I <3 my friends
And a story to accompany them: After we had exhausted the hilarity of the merry-go-round-ish thing (go look at the photos, it's quicker than explaining) we hopped off, tottering slightly, and were accosted by the Frenchman who'd been watching us with amusement the whole time. "Hey, aren't you guys too old for that?" Kinzie and I replied, simultaneously, with "Bah non! Jamais! You're never too old for that sort of thing!" and continued our walk. Mystify at least one French person per day and your life will never be boring!

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